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Betson Parts Blog

The Importance of Preventative Maintenance for Arcades

Cleaning Arcade Game
One of the essential duties of a Technician is to schedule and perform preventative maintenance and cleaning tasks for arcade game machines. Just like changing the oil and filters in your car, these tasks will help ensure that your games have the best chance to perform at their highest earning potential.

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The Importance of Parts Packages for Arcade Games

Arcade Out of Order Sign
With everything on their plates as business owners, owners and operators can often overlook the smaller details within the big picture. Having a brand new game room can be very exciting and rewarding -- until a button gets stuck or the photo booth film runs out. It’s essential to be prepared in these situations. Having spare parts and consumable items on hand can be a tremendous money saver when all your basketballs get lost or your Injustice Arcade game runs out of cards. Keeping a readily available supply of consumable and non-consumable parts on hand is one of the essential tips we can offer our customers to keep their game rooms running smoothly.

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Cafection Evoca Launches Contactless Coffee Ordering Technology

Mobile Phone

Sophia Touchless Solutions allows the client to scan a QR Code with their cellphone, giving them access to the exact same drink selection as the machine screen. Cafection | Evoca’s latest technology enables contactless ordering through three easy and intuitive steps, referred to as “Scan, Select & Enjoy” by the company.

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