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Selecting the Right Parts Packages For Your Location

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Having your Essential Parts Package leads to less downtime for your games, increased revenue and ultimately happier patrons. Many games can average about $200 a week in today’s Family Entertainment Centers so it’s easy to do the math when a game is down and isn’t earning for you. Keeping a readily available supply of consumable and non-consumable parts on hand is one of the most basic tips we can offer our customers in order to keep their game rooms running smoothly. Consumables are items that are needed to operate your equipment such as cards, tokens, basketballs, etc. If you don’t have these basic items, your games aren’t going to work properly. Non-consumables are items that you are going to need at some point, things that are going to break from general wear and tear like buttons or knobs.

When purchasing games, you should also be sure to include the following to guarantee and protect your revenue:

  • Essential Parts Package: This package will include parts that have been identified as the most commonly used such as buttons, power supplies, mallets, and pucks.
  • Essential Parts Package - Consumables: This will include items you will need to operate your equipment and usually include cards, film, and tokens.
  • Keeping your FEC or location well stocked with the correct parts and consumables saves money, time and headaches. Let us help you get set up for success from the beginning.


Betson Parts Packages
  • Zero shipping costs as all parts will be consolidated by Betson and shipped to you on our freight account.
  • Zero downtime for your machine as those necessary parts and refills will be on-hand.
  • Ultimate piece of mind – customer has the right to return any unused and unopened parts (from the “Essential Parts Package”) within 6 months of opening for full credit.

Reach out to your Parts Sales Representative to tailor a package for your location or give us a call today: Call: (800) 828-2048