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Prize Merchandise

Prize Merchandise


A claw machine or crane machine is a game where skill meets luck. It allows players to move the claw where they want using a joystick to try and line up the claw with the desired prize, then hitting a button to drop the claw, attempting to win a prize like plush toys. The earliest version of this game was invented in the early 1830s but was not released until the 1920s.

Claw machines and toy crane vending machines make a perfect addition to a game room for amusement parks, roller skating rinks, bowling alleys and more. They also a great addition to laundromats, restaurants or car washes. They are great for vending small plush toys, candy, small prizes and novelties.

Make sure you always have prizes for your prize games ready. From kits to individual prizes, we have a full stock for your games. Shop prize merchandise kits, knobby balls, capsule kits, plush and more.