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Arcade & Redemption

Amusement & Redemption


Experience matters. We have been in the arcade industry for more than 85 years and know what parts our customers need. We work with you to determine the appropriate inventory for your location. Our stock includes thousands of SKUs from arcade game parts, redemption machine parts, and prizes including power supplies, buttons, balls, motors & OEM parts from all amusement & redemption manufacturers to keep your games working & earning.

Having the right parts leads to less downtime for your games, increased revenue, and ultimately happier patrons. Many games can average about $200 a week in today’s Family Entertainment Centers so it’s easy to do the math when a game is down and isn’t earning for you.

As proven experts and highly trained parts and service providers in the amusement field, we can identify the parts you will need to stay up and running. Therefore, we offer a comprehensive recommended parts list with the key components to have on hand. We know how frustrating downtime can be, but you can be back up and generate income in no time with the parts on hand. No waiting till Monday to order that part you desperately need, no overnight freight charges.