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Choosing the Perfect Office Coffee Maker: 2024 Buyer’s Guide

Aulika Evo Coffee Maker

In the common list of company benefits given to staff, you may never think of having a commercial office machine as one of those benefits. However, having an office coffee machine that brews a perfect cup of coffee adds unlimited employee happiness. It also adds unlimited production value for your company by those employees.

That's because the perfect cup of coffee helps your employees stay alert and happy. That helps make excellent company dividends. What is the ideal cup of coffee, and where do you find the best office coffee machine on the market?

Coffee has been a staple office beverage at the beginning of the company workday since coffee percolators were invented. It is a beverage that has long been adored and used as the go-to beverage in office settings throughout the past few decades. A carefully researched Buyer's Guide to choosing a premium office coffee maker is provided below.

Discover how big a difference the best office coffee makers can make in your business. 

Coffee Benefits & Productivity

The beginnings of working in an office environment instead of trying to make a living off the land pre-dates the 17th century. But by the 17th century, coffee had entered Europe and spread in popularity like wildfire. Coffee is one of the most ubiquitous products globally, and it appeals to most workers in almost all environments.

The productivity at an office is indeed influenced by coffee, and it has a tremendous impact on our day-to-day work happiness and efficiency. The  Buyer's Guide starts with the eight reasons the best coffee is essential for maximizing work productivity and employee satisfaction quotas.

#1 Alertness 

No office staff is as effective as an alert and motivated one. Coffee has a physiological impact on the human body and helps keep people awake through a boost to their central nervous system. 

#2 Improved Productivity

You already know that coffee was being used in office environments as soon as the coffee percolator was invented. The coffee break quickly followed it and was officially created in the 20th century. It was quickly discovered that the coffee break gave employees a forum to share personal and work-related experiences.

The result from this shared experience forum is linked to a lift in overall job performance.

#3 - Live Longer

Coffee drinking usually gets bad press, but The National Institute for Health (NIH) found that drinking three or more cups of coffee per day can reduce the risk of death by up to 10% compared to those who don't drink coffee. 

#4 Caffeine Reduces Pain

If you're sedentary, you know what it's like to get a leg cramp or backache from sitting in one position too long by working at a desk. NIH and other medical agencies are currently studying prescribing coffee caffeine as a pain moderator to determine if this is a viable treatment for deskbound working people. 

#5 Sociability

Almost every productive office has a coffee station with an office coffee machine or a commercial coffee machine providing a stationary point where people can meet and interact. This coffee location interaction has proven essential to happier and more productive employees. 

#6 Every Profession Drinks Coffee

You can't find any profession that doesn't consume coffee, although the occupations that consume the most must do a lot of deep-dive thinking and research. These large coffee-lover drinkers are scientists, PR professionals, teachers, writers, and healthcare workers.

#7 Reduces Your Sleep-Deprived Stress Levels

If you went to work and didn't get enough sleep the night before, just the smell of the aroma of coffee reduces your stress levels. Coffee's aroma releases proteins that have antioxidant properties, which in turn protect your nerve cells from stress.

#8 - Coffee Burns Fat at a High Rate

Undoubtedly, office workers who drink coffee behind a desk all day have long needed something to help them burn body fat at a higher rate. It has been found that sipping coffee does just that. Coffee caffeine is in almost every diet drug on the market, and the reason for that is that it helps burn fat.

The Best Commercial Coffee Brands

The coffee brands listed below help give you the perfect cup of coffee. When you're beginning to feel like every day of the workweek is Monday, you need the perfect cup of joe to help motivate and energize you. The best brands are:

  • Cafection
  • Lavazza
  • Newco
  • Necta
  • Wittenborg
  • Saeco

However, all these brands of coffee have different brewing systems. That means you want to find an exemplary coffee brewing system that best fits your office environment. 

The Best Office Coffee Machine

Some of the above top-tiered coffee brands have their own brewing system. You may need to be selective and careful when choosing the best coffee machine type for your office and business. The bean-to-cup coffee machines work well for you if you want to serve your employees fresh, aromatic, and authentic coffee.

These commercial coffee machines deliver the most authentic cup of coffee to any office and are well worth the price so you can start reaping the rewards. 

Espresso Machine

It doesn't matter what kind of work you do; most people can't pass by an espresso machine without trying it out for themselves. Espresso machines have a very short brewing time, which makes them ideal in an office environment. You can use quality espresso machines like Lavazza, Cafection, Newco, Necta, Wittenborg, and Saeco to deliver a big coffee taste to your employees. 

The Top Coffee Machines

The tried and true commercial coffee pots are sometimes called drip brew coffee makers. Drip brew coffee makers are the most popular for office environments because they are well-suited for various office spaces. You always want to consider how many people work in your office to determine how many coffee machines you need. 

You need one single-serve coffee machine for every office with ten to twenty-five employees. If you have a medium or large company with one hundred employees or more, a single-serve coffee machine won't get your employees anywhere other than standing in line waiting for their turn at the coffee maker. That's why the drip brew coffee makers that can make several cups at once work so well in larger office environments. 

There are even drip-brew coffee machines that use thermal canisters. They can produce coffee for about fifty or so people in a short amount of time. Some coffee pot models vary from 8-cup pots to others that make gallons of coffee. 

Employees can pour as much as they want, and these coffee pots are budget-friendly and economical for your business. As a bonus, you can sometimes add grinders, with roast and blend options that help provide a great selection of coffee for your workers. 

Mix and Match Office Coffee Machines

Your office counter space, budget, coffee brands, and brewing systems make a difference when selecting what type of office coffee machine you wish to use. Lavazza, Cafection, Saeco, Wittenborg, Newco, and Necta are the best coffee-brewing brand machines. That's why some of the best solutions when selecting your office coffee machine are mixing and matching various types.

This mix and matching is usually done based on the number of employees and the size of the office rooms, keeping in mind what the room is used for that will meet any coffee demand. Many companies use single-serve coffee machines when they want to provide custom coffee. A central employee break room location does well with espresso machines that can give specialty coffees for coffee lovers.

Large coffee machines are usually reserved for areas like offices with many employees or conference rooms. 

The Best Office Coffee Machines Benefit Employees and Help the Company

There's no doubt that the office coffee machine is of great benefit to employees. Companies overlook how beneficial it can be to their day-to-day operations because it helps employees stay alert and engaged. There's no more excellent asset an employee can provide a company than energetic work that's effective and efficient.

Installing a commercial coffee machine shows your employees how much you think of them and know their needs. They were given to them simply by making a coffee machine for the office purchase. Betson provides top-tiered commercial coffee machines and can help answer your questions and meet your coffee machine budget. Most businesses work with an OCS company, which includes everything through a service contract, from coffee supplies to brands and machines.